Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I assume you've seen the new arrivals at Anthro that's been popping up over the last few days. Not many calls for my heart but there are still quite a few that prompts me to put it on my wishlist.

Unconditional Osier Dress $168 by Weston Wear
very beautiful but not sure where to wear this though
very beautiful but not sure where to wear this though

 Veiled Alder Dress $298 by Yoana Baraschi

Again, beautiful but not sure if this can be styled casual enough to be an everyday dress

 love this one! Too bad it's an online exclusive item. Anthro, I dislike it when you do that.


 Pleated Ponte Skirt $88 by Maeve

this would make a great basic skirt. However, I already own Circle the Globe skirt in this color. How can I justify having 2 similar skirts?

 Stilt Striders Skirt $188 by Charlotte Taylor
Flamingos! Need I to say more? Though I can see this skirt will be pretty challenging to style..
Spotted Satchel $268 by Holding Horses

look how adorable this is! I definitely want to add this one to my handbag collection.

The maybes:

Alary Shirtdress $128 by Girls from Savoy. I love the shape of it but I'm not entirely sure about the print just yet. it's interesting and quirky but don't know if it's a bit too quirky for me.

Button Belted Dress $248 by Maeve. Aside from the price tag, I'm not a fan of the neckline and I don't think it'll be flattering for my bust area . I suppose the theory of being separates is cool..but the top is wayyy too short to be worn alone and the skirt's waistband looks really wide when unbuttoned from the top. I'll have to see this for myself for further inspection and final verdict. I prefer the "navy" color (is it just me or does it also have a hint of purple in it too?)