Sunday, October 30, 2011

Should I put on my winter coat or fall coat?

Hi all! After a busy week with exams and whatnot, I managed to take an OOTD shot one day out of the week! lol.
The east coast was hit by a rare occurrence of snow storm yesterday. It's really weird seeing snow among the beautiful red and orange fall leaves on the street. I hope this rare occurrence isn't foretelling us of anything crazy in the upcoming winter months...

Anyways, on to my outfit here. I believe this outfit is from tuesday. forgive me for the awkward pose/face as I'm still getting used to taking pictures of myself

Loosened Shelby Blouse, J Crew Cardigan, F21 Jeans, Seychelles Woodhull Mary Janes
I'm still trying to figure out what other colors would go with this blouse besides the mint cardigan I have on here. navy or burgundy..possibly teal? hmm I do love this blouse though. I actually prefer this one more than its navy counterpart because of its vibrant colors.

So, I ventured out to the mall on Friday with a friend looking to purchase this pair of rain boot at Nordstrom. (After I discovered that I accumulated enough reward points from my bank, I received a $100 gift card to my fave department store. yay!) They had a full display of Hunter boots but of course, they don't carry the specific style I'm interested in. No big deal, I went to a different department store and tried it on. I tried on the size 8 since they didn't have my normal size 9. It fits...but with no room for me to wear those fleece socks I would need for the winter and it was such a pain to get them off too.

Then, my friend and I wandered off to Bloomingdale's shoes sale section (eep!) and ended up purchasing this (fits TTS for me) instead. I couldn't resist the bow and it's so comfortable! An impractical purchase since I wouldn't be able to wear it until the spring? absolutely. I hesitated buying it but the saleswoman told us if we both are planning to buy a pair of shoes each, she'd give us extra 20% off the sale price. well, that slayed us and we caved.

I went to Anthropologie before I met up with my friend and tried on a couple of things. I left the store without buying anything but did try on a couple of new arrivals. I'll be posting it up tonight so look forward to it! : ) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


umm hi? it's been awhile. Sorry I've been mia but I've been so swamped with a lot of stuff lately! ugh. anyways, I've been accumulating reviews and several OOTDs so I think it's about time to post them.

I dropped by at Anthro to check out their new
goodies. mainly looking for this adorable flamingo skirt to try on and alas, it was nowhere to be found. I did review a couple of things that I have had my eyes on though.

I tried on this tee and the moss green version caught my eyes. The moss green version isn't see through and it's soft and comfortable. Boyfriend who was with me liked it. However, it was pretty form fitting and clings to your body. The one in the picture is a size small and I'd size up when it comes time for me to purchase it. I think i'll try on the bigger sizes next time along with the blush color (hopefully it's not sheer).

Million Pleats Midi now $40
I'm still not sure what to think about this skirt. (I'm wearing a size S; fits TTS for me). On one hand, I really like the pleats and the color (it looks good with the tee i'm wearing no?)..and on the other hand, I'm not sure how it looks on me. Both my sister and my boyfriend said it looks matronly on me. The SA said it looks cute on me but ultimately, I don't think it's really my style. I'm quite indecisive and I'll probably give it a chance if I happen to see it in store for $20.

This dress is lovely and the quality is impeccable. I tried on my normal size 6 but it couldn't zip up all the way. I'd size up to an 8 in this dress if I were to buy it because of my wider ribcage area. Though I have to say, this piece didn't impress me much irl as it did online. I think the color is a bit too blah? I don't care for the black either. I'd get this on sale if it makes it to second cut price which I doubt it will happen. Wishlisted for now.

Sweetheart Shrug Tee  $68 by Velvet

This top caught my eyes when it debuted online. I love Anthro's unique style twist to an otherwise basic tee.  When I saw it in the store, I couldn't resist not trying them on. I got my normal size S (as pictured) and as you can see, it's very form fitting....and showing too much of the chest area. eep. I will have to try on the larger sizes and hopefully it won't cling as much to the body. so for the ladies with larger chest, layering a cami will make this top a bit more appropriate. Still, I do like this top a lot and it's wishlisted in the teal color. 

 Gathering Breeze in Black $???

 I missed out on the summer version. *cries* I do like this one but not as much as the ivory + green version. I took an 8 from my normal size 6 in this and it fits perfectly. The contrasting color is more beige irl and the skirt is made out of same material like its previous sister. I didn't remember to look at the price since it's unlikely that I would buy it even when it goes on sale. (i would also love to find the ivory+green version in size 8. anyone?)

here is a close up shot of the lace

Dulcie Dress by Weston Wear $158

This is an adorable dress. The top is sheer as you can tell, you can see my bra underneath. I think having a nude colored bra would fix this problem. If I recall correctly, this dress is a pullover style. The top is made out of it's a stretchy, soft, sweater knit type material and the skirt is made out of mesh type material. I grabbed a size S which I think is too small on me. The waist sat a good inch above where my natural waist is located and this dress is also short on me! I'm 5'6 and it's a good 2-3 inches above my knee. Not to mention the lining of the skirt inside is also shorter than the skirt. I would have to size up to a M or L to buy this which I will consider when it goes on sale.

Enduring Tweed Coat $298

 This Cartonnier's coat is a complete miss for me. I think this coat is warm (and heavy!) enough for the east coast weather and the length will sure to keep 90% of your body warm and toasty. I did like it when Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie posted a picture of her in's probably because it fits her well and she wore it much better than I did. I grabbed an 8 in this coat (I'm usually a size 10 in coats to accommodate layering) and it still felt big in the torso. This one is a pass for me but that's ok because a new arrival has me swooning ever since it debuted online!

Hope this helps you and I'll be back with an OOTD later!