Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It loves me? It loves me not....(Extensive reviews: Antique Magnolia Blouse & Grass Court Dress)

So I have been drooling over this little pretty number here and curious as to how it fits since my local store doesn't seem to carry it. I decided to order it before free shipping ended last week...and it arrived today!
I tore the box open.

Ooooh Ahhhh
oh gosh, this blouse is so pretty..and I love the details. This is one of the very few pieces that I love from Anthro's last year's 2011 collection. It's very well made and it's safe to say this is a classic, timeless piece.

I have a thing for close up pictures on precious details such as these...
The blouse consists of 3 layers: soft mesh on the outer layer (flowers are embroidered onto this layer), then the lace in the middle, and a yellow-ish tan rayon, cotton blend (from what I read in the care tag) inner layer

definitely not sheer! which is a nice change : )

and it's not a surprise it's dry clean only
Anyways, onto the fit. this is the part where it disappointed me.

I ordered this in a size 6 which is the size I usually generally take and the fit is a bit off on me.

There are darts under the chest to give it a shape. This fits my bust well (36B) but it bunches in an odd, unflattering way. The waist fits a bit big for me as I can pinch a good inch on the side. The structured shape is...sort of there but not really..It just kind of hung on me. from looking at the photo again, I think it makes me look a bit bigger than I really am.

Also another problem area for me is the cap sleeve. It pinches my arms when I extend them forward..actually any kind of arm movements in this blouse feels uncomfortable for me. If I were to get this, I would take it to a tailor and have the sleeves cut off. Also, I wouldn't be able to size down because it fits just right in the bust area for me due to my wider rib cage and sizing up will just be extra loose everywhere on me.

I was curious if this particular cap sleeves problem is just an isolated case of mine. So I had my sister tried it on for me as she is usually a size 6 or 8 depending if the clothes would fit her bust.

Details on her measurements:
Bust 36D (she took my share in that department)
Waist: 28

So this is what it looks like on her...

She said it fits well in the bust and feels comfortable for her though it does make the neckline gape a little bit (she actually doesn't mind this). She also doesn't have the cap sleeves-pinching-arms problem so it is probably because I have a bigger frame up top (broader shoulders). The waist area is also a bit big on her but I do think it looks more flattering on her because she fills out the top more than I did in it.

What do you all think?

I will be returning this since not only it's still at a steep price tag of $188, this top simply does not love me back. Yes, I'm sad this blouse isn't going to work for me as I already styled this blouse in my head in many different ways. boo. I might still buy it if I happen to stumble on it with a 3rd cut price then have it tailored. Oh well, I think I'll live vicariously through the other ladies who are made for this blouse!


Next up is the Grass Court Dress $168 *not by Moulinette Soeurs btw, I believe it's by the same maker as the Bike Lane Dress*

I was intrigued with this dress when I saw it online though my initial reaction is somewhat indifferent. I don't love it but I don't hate it..sort of..meh. When I saw it debuted in my local store, I was willing to give it a try so I took it back with me to the dressing room.

the eyelet details are cute but I don't care for the belt at all. I suppose it goes with the Tennis theme (which I'm really bad at) but I would definitely use a different belt if I'm going to wear it. As you can see from the picture above, the area under the bust have been modified to flatter the chest area which works with me.

I took a size 6 and it fits perfectly; not too tight or too loose. although I have had to size up in some dresses due to my rib cage area so someone with a smaller frame up top might find it a bit loose. I also feel the top have enough material to accommodate larger busted ladies without having to size up  (my sister wasn't with me to try on this dress for comparison) but there was a lot of space in the chest area for me. I did not encounter an issue with the waist sitting too high like the one reviewer on the web site, although it's probably because she also happens to be a bit taller than I am by 2 inches according to her description so it's likely she is with a longer torso. Lengthwise, It's similar to the Bike Lane dress since this one also came down to my knees so shorter ladies might find it a bit too long. The color is more accurate in the second picture instead of the first. Also, it is lined with cotton lining and does come with pockets : )

yep, that's the label. anyone knows what it's called? it just looks like a postcard to me.
Overall, I'm still feeling unsure. I suppose it's a cute dress but it doesn't wow me as much. I'll be considering it again when it goes on sale.

As always, you can always email me for further questions and I'll try my best to answer it thoroughly : )

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Beginning

Hi everyone! Can't believe it's 2012 already..doesn't it feel like it was just summer yesterday or is it just me?
I don't really have a new year resolution since I never really end up following through anyway but I will try to blog more often and become a better person. Work and school can really burn me out which leaves me shedding my nice skin sometimes. With a break before school starts, I can regroup myself and detox for a better year.
and detox meaning reading good books, eating good food, spending time with friends and..Anthro!
I have made a few trips to Anthro before and after christmas (with my gift cards!) but haven't really found anything I badly wanted to have right then and there (with the exception for Unconditional Osier Dress). In the meantime, I have tried on a couple of items some of you may be looking at to purchase...

First up, Goji Plaid Dress $168

I think I was the only one who wasn't so keen on Take Action and Twinkle, Twinkle dress. Don't get me wrong, they are beautiful but I feel like it just didn't flatter me as much as I would like them to. I'm excited about this version because red is my favorite color and it has a side zip meaning more structure to the bodice.
I think this dress fits TTS. I tried on the size 4 (a size down from what I usually take) in this photo which fits but a bit too tight for my liking but look how it skims the body! This dress hits me just at the top of my knees which is at a perfect length for me. The fabric is a nice silk fabric with a bow in the back but the one thing that bothers me is I don't remember seeing if there's a supposed cutout in the back. sadly I can't really tell from the pictures too :(
I'll have to go back and revisit this dress when I see it again in stores (strangely enough, i haven't seen this dress on the floor for awhile now). but in the meantime, wishlisted!

Unconditional Osier Dress $168

I know, I'm a bit late joining this party. I thought this dress was cute when I first saw it but it took me a couple of months before I actually took it to the dressing room with me. I'm glad I did because I loveeee this dress now. I'm waiting to pounce on this dress when it goes on sale (soon perhaps?). This one is a Medium and it fits perfectly and comfortably which is always a plus. The lace is soft but I'm also afraid I'm going to snag it because I'm sort of clumsy. It's sold out online but there are plenty in stores.

Embossed Basket Dress $168

I'm still wavering back and forth with this dress. I love the cobalt blue color, the comfortable fit, the perfect length, and the versatility of it ...but I'm unsure of the fit. This one is a medium which fits nicely but I feel like it also made my chest looks flat (I don't have much to begin with but I would like to preserve the little that I have) and waist looks wider? I suppose a belt can always fix that problem. This is another dress I'll have to revisit but I will wishlist this in the meantime. Any opinions on this?

Slung Sash Tee in polka dot $60 (bought for $30 during promo)

I think this is the first Bailey 44 item that I have in my closet. I tried the moss color before but I missed out on it.Although after trying this on, I ended up liking this one more! I took a size M here and I love the comfortable yet flattering fit.

Plaited Illusion Cardi $88

I've had my eyes on this cardi for awhile now but never saw it in stores until recently. Oddly enough, there was only a size XS left maybe this was a popular piece? Anyways, I tried the XS which you see below here.
This cardi is unique and comfortable to wear. it's also a neutral color so it's sure to go with many outfits. I ordered the size S with one other item before free shipping ended because I can already see myself living in this cardi for many years. The XS was a bit tight on the arms though it fits because it stretches. I love the details on this but unhappy with the raw edges hopefully it doesn't get funky after a couple washes and wear.

Raspberry Jacquard Dress $168

This pretty dress had a lot of potentials but somewhere along the way, it failed me. It may have been the lack of waist definition but it doesn't really flatter my body. I like the jacquard, the color, and the sweetheart neckline but it failed to impress me when I put it on in the dressing room. If this one works for you, that's great because it is a beautiful dress and I wished it had worked on me : /
I tried my usual size 6 and it fits comfortably so it's TTS for those of you who are interested in this piece.

Pleated Ponte Skirt now $40 i think

I've always been interested to try on this popular skirt. I managed to find only 2 of these hanging randomly in the store, and one happened to be my size. I tried on the size 6 which fits perfectly and it lands only a couple of inches above the knees but it's nothing scandalous. It is a thicker knit so it's great to wear during the colder days. I do think this skirt is cute but it's not a must have for me.

Yarn Plumes Skirt $118

Anyone else thinks the catalog picture for this skirt is funny? poor girl, it must have been cold when they had this shoot. lol

ok, talk about unflattering. My bottom half looks like an open umbrella or a lamp shade. ok, not that bad but.. why is it so darn poofy?! I took a size 6 here and it fits fine since it also has elastics on the back of the skirt. I like the feathers...but the fabric is also a lint magnet which I know would bother me. I make few exceptions here and there for some lint magnet pieces *i'm looking at you, Ihrin shirtdress* but not this one. fit is awful on me so it's just another strike added on. passs. unless it's on sale for like $10 then I can something.. about the poofiness.

Stilt Striders Skirt $80, sold out online but still floating around in stores

This skirt is intriguing... I do think the flamingos are adorable. the size 6 fits me fine but it's very..meh on me. I don't think it flatters me at all actually. I don't know, I have not much to say about this skirt. I have seen other bloggers wear it and it looks super cute so I suppose I will have to live vicariously through them.

Bike Lane Dress $158.00

Hi Bike Lane dress! you are truly adorable but it's impossible to wear you right now since it's only 37 degrees outside! I do hope that you'll be on sale by the time the weather warms up because I can't wait to have you!

I think I like this a lot better than the Two Wheeler actually. Two Wheeler is cute but I'm more attracted to this color palette. but hey, aside from the bike prints, they are two different dresses so why not get this one too? No..I'm not being an enabler...
I ran to this dress as soon as I saw it in store. it's cute, cute, and cute.
 I must have this 3-4 months. The fabric is cotton lined with another layer of thin cotton so it'll be perfect for the warm weather. The sweetheart neckline reminds me of one of my favorites, Lepidoptera Dress.

There is also a hook and a row of buttons on the back of the bodice

Maybe my cookies aren't all in the cookie jar but it took me a good few minutes to figure out where the darn zipper was located. It was hidden under the fold. I think it's a nice touch from the design team to do so though. There is also a single button inside around the waist area which I always forget is there.

I tried on size 6 which is my usual size which fits me perfectly. I usually size up for strapless dresses because I have a wider rib cage area but this one fits me comfortably everywhere (bust & waist). it does come with removable straps (not pictured) which I'm pleased to discover because I do like the extra security when I'm moving about. oh and It also has pockets! another plus. The length is similar to the Lepidoptera dress as it lands on my knees and I'm 5'6 so shorter girls might like it better at the petite size (strangely, online only offers size 0P to 6P)

Brocade Paisley Dress by Cynthia Rowley or $200

I don't remember seeing this dress online anyone knows what this dress is called? I'm usually not a fan of paisley print but I was attracted to the vibrant colors. I had no intention on buying it though because it was $200! This one happened to be a size 8 and it fits perfectly so I guess it runs on the smaller side. This dress lands a couple of inches above my knees. I thought it was super poofy and unflattering but looking back at this picture, I like how it highlighted my waist (but still poofy). maybe another dress with the same silhouette but with different prints? maybe cheaper too..since the original price was $400.

That wraps up this set of reviews! Hopefully, I was able to help some of you out there making a decision : )