Tuesday, December 13, 2011

finals = done. and an OOTD.

No more finals means I can get back to my fun books. Currently, I have a good amount of books to read that will keep me occupied for 3 weeks though I may not finish them all.
Here's my list in no particular order (and these would also make great holiday gifts for avid sci-fi/fantasy reader) =

1. Eragon-Eldest-Brisingr-Inheritance (buy here) I just finished Eragon and currently I'm reading Eldest. It's super fun to imagine the magical land and creatures while reading this and I also love all things involving dragons. Can't get enough of this series.

2. Hunger Games Trilogy (buy here) This one has been recommended to me by many friends of mine. I'm looking forward to read them and for the movie to come out. though I'm not sure if I should read the books before I watch the movie first. I (i'm sure along with many others) find movies that are based on books always turn out to be sub par, if not, underwhelming. Nothing can really beat your own imagination right?

3. Game of Thrones (buy here) I haven't watched the first season since one of my friends whom is a big fan of the series recommended me not to until after I read the series. The brief synopsis of the book caught my interest and I feel it's right up in my alley.

Speaking of gifts, I'm only 45% done with my christmas shopping so I really need to get my butt in gear. I despise the mall crowd during the holiday season so I'm going to try to get most of my shopping done online. I did order a couple of things from Anthro this morning and planning to give one pair of gloves as a gift:

hmmm now that I noticed the Callia gloves are out of stock, I'm nervous they'll be "back ordered" then cancelled. eeks.

did you take advantage of Anthro's ongoing 30% off sale price promo? I must admit, it was hard not to go overboard because see a lot that I want but I don't need (not to mention it'd bust my budget). I'm looking at you Miramar Dress and Lace & Light Dress

Here's also an OOTD pic I took in a rush today:

Anthro Loosely Looped Tee, sweater, Floreat Charente Skirt, Miss Albright's Scalloped Spatz Boots

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A busy weekend with Anthro

I've been super excited this weekend ever since Roxy of Effortless Anthropologie announced Anthro will be doing a sale promotion of 50% off full priced sweaters and outerwear (including 30% off sale price items starting today!).  From the wishlist roundup I did recently, I knew exactly the 2 items I wanted to buy: Outlined Celandine Cardigan (black motif) and Rising Snowdrops Cardigan (both by Tabitha). I managed to grab them both when I strolled into the store in the a.m. I also had some time to do a couple of reviews (which includes Aubergine Sky Dress!!!)

First up:

 Rising Snowdrops Cardigan. tried on my usual size S.

I may have found my sweater blanket. it's soo soft and comfy to wear. i love the stitching though the embroidery material also pills already. I do think it's a bit too big on me even though it's an open cardigan. i did grab this one up for the sweater promotion but may exchange it for an xs since there weren't any at my local store. I also like the sleeve length on this one since my hands are always unnaturally frozen cold during wintertime. I would definitely size down on this one if you are looking to buy it in the near future.

 Tucked Peplum Tank ( i believe this was the name of this product though I could be wrong) on sale for $60

tried on my usual size S. I do think it's flattering but it's an awkward length for me. the material is thicker than i expected it to be but it's soft and also comfortable. i think this was by Bailey 44. I may try this one in a Medium next time if there's one still hanging around in the sale rack.

 Nolana Skirt

I've been waiting to try on this skirt ever since I saw it hanging in store a couple of weeks ago. I tried on my usual size 6 and I do think this one runs a bit big. there's a lot of room to give even after a big meal though I will try on a size 4 for comparison.  I love the lace rust color and the underlining is lavender mauve color. the lace is also sturdy, i don't think it would easily tear if you accidentally snag it on something. It's also longer than I expected it to be and at 5'6, it hits past my knees. I'm definitely getting this one in petite length when it goes on sale.
yes i'm flashing my belly button :p    

Sweetheart Shrug Tee now $40. I tried on this one before with my usual size S and it was a bit too tight. I sized up to a large which is less form fitting for the lumps and dumps but still flattering. (hey look! i have curves! yay!). The bra straps does make an appearance now and then but I think it will be a quick fix at home with a little stitching. I will be getting this one very soon. 

and I saved the best for last....

Aubergine Sky Dress $168 by Girls from Savoy. This brand have occupied my heart ever since the disappearance of other favorite brand, Floreat. This dress is certainly a winner in my book. I just wrote up a lengthy review at Anthro site which hasn't appeared yet..and I also forgot to copy it for this blog. oops. so here we go..

I tried on my usual size 6 in dresses though I usually size up to an 8 for strapless due to my wider ribcage. This one fits comfortably everywhere...except that I haven't had a single meal that day (bad habit of mine). It has stretchy panels just on the sides (instead of all around like its predecessors Traced Twirls dress) for extra room. the sweetheart neckline is also a favorite of mine because it flatters my bust (yes, i do already have the traced twirls dress but I think this one is different enough..tralalala). Girls from Savoy also does a good job for making sure this strapless number stays up and with my smaller bust, i need reinforcements!

The subtle black print among the base dark purple color is certainly a delightful surprise. It's a busy print but very subtle and hard to notice unless someone gets too close to your personal bubble space to examine it. I love the contrasting yellow embroidery around the waist too. it definitely allures the eye and creates an illusion for an hourglass shape. One thing that I dislike about this dress is the length. at 5'6, it hits past my knees which I don't prefer. I think it makes my legs look stumpy and also, it's harder to style it casually which I plan to do with this dress. I'm not sure if it would look as cute if I alter the length and making the embroidery at the edge of the dress instead of 1/4 way up the edge.

I also forgot to check if this dress has pockets or not though I don't think it doesn't (but I could definitely be wrong). i love that this dress is machine washable too! yay! it's almost made of good quality cotton and sturdy enough to hold up the shape. I wish it comes in petite size but it's wishlisted for sale time for which I will definitely pick this one up!

close up of the print

and I will leave you with a blurry phone outfit picture from thursday, I believe. nothing too exciting but it does feature one of my favorite pants ever!

Headwaters Tee, Checked Crops, Sweeping Stitch heels.

Monday, December 5, 2011

lala land vs. reality

Besides my mini freak out a couple of days ago, I've compiled a list of items that caught my eyes online. I won't be trying to get all of the items below because, let's be realistic here, it would cost me thousands of dollars. My must have item will be listed under each category followed with a runner up.

Lala land wish list


must have: Aubergine Sky
runner up: Goji Plaid (if it fits me better than Take Action) or Gracia (if it made it to 3rd cut)


Must Have: Nolana
Runner up: Beaufort Gale (at 2nd cut price)


Must Have: Outlined Celandine (cannot decide which color yet), Rising Snowdrops, Pleated Illusion
Runner Up: Sparkled Shrug

Wishlist tops:

Must Have: Antique Magnolias, Ivory Dotted Shell, Fly Away
Runner up: Slung Sash, Tereza Corset

(whew, I have to say it was hard getting through the sweaters and tops.)

What's in your wish list? :)