Monday, December 5, 2011

lala land vs. reality

Besides my mini freak out a couple of days ago, I've compiled a list of items that caught my eyes online. I won't be trying to get all of the items below because, let's be realistic here, it would cost me thousands of dollars. My must have item will be listed under each category followed with a runner up.

Lala land wish list


must have: Aubergine Sky
runner up: Goji Plaid (if it fits me better than Take Action) or Gracia (if it made it to 3rd cut)


Must Have: Nolana
Runner up: Beaufort Gale (at 2nd cut price)


Must Have: Outlined Celandine (cannot decide which color yet), Rising Snowdrops, Pleated Illusion
Runner Up: Sparkled Shrug

Wishlist tops:

Must Have: Antique Magnolias, Ivory Dotted Shell, Fly Away
Runner up: Slung Sash, Tereza Corset

(whew, I have to say it was hard getting through the sweaters and tops.)

What's in your wish list? :)