Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I assume you've seen the new arrivals at Anthro that's been popping up over the last few days. Not many calls for my heart but there are still quite a few that prompts me to put it on my wishlist.

Unconditional Osier Dress $168 by Weston Wear
very beautiful but not sure where to wear this though
very beautiful but not sure where to wear this though

 Veiled Alder Dress $298 by Yoana Baraschi

Again, beautiful but not sure if this can be styled casual enough to be an everyday dress

 love this one! Too bad it's an online exclusive item. Anthro, I dislike it when you do that.


 Pleated Ponte Skirt $88 by Maeve

this would make a great basic skirt. However, I already own Circle the Globe skirt in this color. How can I justify having 2 similar skirts?

 Stilt Striders Skirt $188 by Charlotte Taylor
Flamingos! Need I to say more? Though I can see this skirt will be pretty challenging to style..
Spotted Satchel $268 by Holding Horses

look how adorable this is! I definitely want to add this one to my handbag collection.

The maybes:

Alary Shirtdress $128 by Girls from Savoy. I love the shape of it but I'm not entirely sure about the print just yet. it's interesting and quirky but don't know if it's a bit too quirky for me.

Button Belted Dress $248 by Maeve. Aside from the price tag, I'm not a fan of the neckline and I don't think it'll be flattering for my bust area . I suppose the theory of being separates is cool..but the top is wayyy too short to be worn alone and the skirt's waistband looks really wide when unbuttoned from the top. I'll have to see this for myself for further inspection and final verdict. I prefer the "navy" color (is it just me or does it also have a hint of purple in it too?)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Make A Wish

This OOTD features one of my favorite skirts and shoes ever.

Skirt: I bought this when I was visiting NY and happened to stop by at Anthro's Rockefeller Center location. I must've passed by it multiple times before I actually caught a glimpse of its beautiful embroidery. I have never seen it in person since the stores in my area never actually carried it but I immediately recognized which one it is. I've been pining for it ever since it debuted on the website months before. It happened to be my size so I took it to the dressing room with me to try it on..and the rest is history. I've worn it in many different ways already since it goes with so many tops and that is always a plus.

 Close up picture of the embroidery:
Shoes:  we're united by sheer luck..and fate. I'm 99% sure these wedges and I are meant to be with each other. Long story short: I didn't pay attention carefully enough and flew by my head when it went on sale. I wanted to get it but never actually tried to phone in stores until around  3 weeks after it went on sale (idk why either). argh. When I did start searching for them, all CS could tell me is that they're sold out of my size completely. I gave up the search then but I still pined for it months after. One tuesday morning when I went into a b&m store, I browsed through the sale shoe bins. guess what's in there? yep. my babies..and they're my size! (I'm usually a 9 and I needed an 8.5 for this one). I tried them on in the dressing room and they fit perfectly. the only pair that's turned up randomly months after it sold out and it's my size?! talk about luck. I've worn it almost everyday since I got it. they are soooo comfortable and goes with so many outfits. I don't have a lot of summer wedges/sandals so I'm happy to have them in my possession.

Do any of you ladies have any stories such as this one? It really does feel like you've just won the lottery.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First OOTD - putting myself out there

..with elephants. I heart this dress. a lot. however, I didn't like the flimsy mustard yellow sash that came with it. So I opted to go with this gold belt that I found at Anthro at the sale rack. Oh and I got lucky with this cardigan..bought it for $50 a week before it got a 2nd cut to $20 = price adjustment time!

I wore it (wonky belt and all) with Sweeping Stitch Heels. It's ok to be matchy matchy sometimes right?...

well, I wasn't too sure about it I switched it up with my Tied Awry heels.I think I like this one better.

confession time:
(I'm still a bit apprehensive about posting my face all ova the een-tuh-netz hence the awkward faces. or maybe my face is just like that. ha.) so please be nice, guys.

: )

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dress Reviews!

Interspersed Ponte Dress $168 by Deletta

I love this pullover style dress! it's super comfortable (I don't find it itchy at all contrary to the reviews online) and very flattering on with some stretch to the sturdy material. I especially love the lace work on the back and the color is a lovely shade of deep plum; a versatile color that is easy to accessorize. It hits a little bit above my knee at 5'6 which is the length I like. This one fits TTS and I'm wearing my regular size Small in the photo. definitely must get this one when it goes on sale!

Noon & Night dress $158 by Ganni

Another pretty versatile dress! I took a Small in this one and it fits perfectly. The sturdy, stretchy material gives structure to the dress while still being comfortable on. it's also machine washable! hurray! I can already imagine it being styled in so many different ways. I think it looks flattering on me though my sister made a comment about the dress making my waist look bigger. definitely getting this one on sale too.

Cirque-A-Line Dress by Porridge $80 - no longer available online but still in stores.

I've been stalking this dress until it went on sale this past tuesday. I missed out on the Sing Sweetly Party dress which is also equally adorable. I folded the wings down to form a sweetheart neckline..I must say I quite like it. I don't mind the original style but I already have a top with that same deco pleating. I sized up to an 8 from my regular size 6 in this one most likely due to my wide ribcage. It's still tight enough to hold the dress up even with my smaller chest area. bought for a wedding coming up this october :)

Lepidoptera Dress $158 by Maeve

I love this dress. I want this dress. I need this dress. this one comes with detachable straps, it's machine washable..and I'm pretty sure it also has pockets. if only i could afford it at full price right now, I'd buy it immediately. I took an 8 in this one to accommodate my wide ribcage. at 5'6, it came down to a perfect length above my knees. I think my regular size 6 would've been fine but I don't mind the larger size since it comes with detachable straps. I don't even mind the blue sash..i think it looks gorgeous on though i'd probably wear a sturdier leather belt with it. impatiently waiting for this one to go on sale.

Ihrin Shirtdress $148 by Lili

um...Sorry guys, I forgot to take a pic of this one :[ I thought i did but seems like i didn't since i couldn't find it anywhere in my phone! Anyways, I had to size up from my regular 6 to size 8.
Problem with size 6
1. The sleeves were awfully tight on me (couldn't even stretch out my arms because i was afraid it was going to rip)
2. The waistband sat higher one me and was snug..i hadn't even eaten lunch! no go.
3. bust was tight..and i don't have big ta-tas. (girls with bigger ta-tas will probably have to size up in this one)

So i tried on the size 8 and it fits much more comfortably! it eliminated all problems I had with overall tightness and wonky fitting from the waist up. except there's a noticeably considerable room in the bust area now. ahh.  Oh, there were 4 snaps located above the side zipper and imo, it was easy to secure it. it never went undone even when i was doing all sorts of morning exercise moves. I saw the olive green version in stores and i thought the color is as pictured on the website. I love this dress and look forward to picking it up in the plum color when it goes on sale.

so this wraps up my dress reviews for now. all of them are wishlisted and i'm planning to pick them all up *except for Cirque A Line*  when they go on sale ...(hopefully not all at once..and if i have the monetary funds to do so). :)