Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First OOTD - putting myself out there

..with elephants. I heart this dress. a lot. however, I didn't like the flimsy mustard yellow sash that came with it. So I opted to go with this gold belt that I found at Anthro at the sale rack. Oh and I got lucky with this cardigan..bought it for $50 a week before it got a 2nd cut to $20 = price adjustment time!

I wore it (wonky belt and all) with Sweeping Stitch Heels. It's ok to be matchy matchy sometimes right?...

well, I wasn't too sure about it I switched it up with my Tied Awry heels.I think I like this one better.

confession time:
(I'm still a bit apprehensive about posting my face all ova the een-tuh-netz hence the awkward faces. or maybe my face is just like that. ha.) so please be nice, guys.

: )