Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flower Show

As I promised, I'm posting several (ok, A LOT) of pictures from the Flower show. This year's theme is Hawaiian theme so there are a lot of tropical and native plants (not to mention lots of orchids!). There are also a lot of miniature displays made by artists that are so unique and beautiful. I loved every bit of it but unfortunately, I couldn't get to some of the exhibits because there were too many people crowding around it (ex: the fashion exhibit!). So here are some of my favorite pictures from each exhibitions: enjoy! (Warning: there are TONS of pictures)

Greeted by these huge wave-like projections as soon as you enter the main hall

lots of Orchids :)
Isn't it gorgeous?
Probably my favorite picture out of the bunch
Wouldn't it be nice to lounge there all day? You can't see it because it's blocked by plants but there's a bed behind those plants.
 view of the bed

I love this display

Headdresses made by various plants and flowers.

Miniature Displays:

Made from pressed flowers


This one is my favorite! Love this one

Volcano inspired

not a very good picture of the Paint Shop (apologies)

Volcano inspired:

Lava like

I want a vacation

love the colors

"A Wedding In the Park"

Table for bride & groom and their party

Pineapple made out of roses

Tribute for pop culture:

Lady Gaga


From Surf's Up: (ngl, they kind of creeped me out)