Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another set of reviews..

Hi there! I went to the Philadelphia Flower Show this past saturday and had lots of fun! I went semi crazy and took close to 600 pictures haha.. I'll share some of my favorite photos here after I finish editing them. While I was down in Philly, my bf and partner-in-crime went to visit Anthro (mostly because of me..and my bf went to Barnes&Noble instead ha). I was excited to see the store have some of the items I have in my wishlist (which are few and far between this season).
SO, let's start off with...


I grabbed a size 6 which is the size I usually go to for Leifsdottir. The dress itself is very lovely but maybe a bit too formal. I love the print but not the fit. I'd need to grow a couple more inches in order for this dress to fit me correctly. The torso part of this dress is long because the waist sat at the top of my hips and it's also kind of baggy so I think this runs big. The dress would also need to be hemmed a couple of inches because there is too much length for me (and I was on my tippy toes in the picture). Even on sale, it's still very pricey at $200 and it would not get much wear because of the formal look of this dress. pass for me.

Unknown dress Dot Gleam Dress By Leifnotes 

I tried this dress on because my friend loved it when she saw it on the hanger. It's not really my style but I gave it a try anyways. I grabbed a size 6 since I wasn't familiar with this brand. I think the dots were gold stitching on the dress (actually to be quite honest, I don't quite remember if it was stitching or not since I felt meh about this dress so I'm probably wrong about that). The dress came with a detachable slip...and it turned out to be a pretty thin slip. You could see my dark colored underwear through the dress. The slip fit me fine as there was no tightness anywhere and the outer shell was pretty baggy/free flowing. The overall look left a lot to be desired; the top was very blousey on me (which I'm not fond of ) with a stretchy waistband. the length hits a couple of inches above my knees and it's longer on the sides as you can see in the picture. My friend still likes it (but not on me). it's definitely a pass.

This dress was one of the items in my wishlist. I read reviews it ran big so I grabbed a size 4. Well, they were right since the size 4 fits me perfectly with a little bit more room for food. There is also a waist tie to cinch in the waist but it didn't really do anything for me. I should also note the color is darker than it appeared on the website and it's more of a muted yellow butter color. The length is also a good length as it comes down to my knees. The print is very cute but I think for the overall look, it looks kind of blah on me. My friend thought it looked matronly on me and I have to say I agree with her. I also noticed the racer back straps had the tendencies to stick out and I know it would drive me nuts all day if I wear this dress. I'll have to revisit this dress again when it goes on sale. 

I was intrigued to try this dress on. I already own Traced Twirls Dress in turquoise and Aubergine Sky Dress so I'm kind of tired out by this recycled style. What drew me in is the cute postage stamps all over the dress. I grabbed a size 8 since 6 wasn't available. It turned out to fit me fine but still a bit snug unlike the previous sister dresses so I think it runs small especially if you have larger rib cage. The skirt portion looks a bit weird on sort of poufs out like a balloon (does this make sense? lol). My friend liked it a lot on me so maybe I'm just being overly critical of myself? I'll have to revisit this again and try another size up. 

I really liked this top online so I was excited to try this one on. The silk felt really nice to the touch but it's sheer. sheer enough to see my bra and dark jeans underneath so I would definitely wear a light colored bra with this blouse.  I picked up size 6 and it fits well. While I really like the fluttery sleeve style, I think it made my chest looks odd...maybe I'll try a different bra next time? The tie at the waist helps give the body some definition. I didn't have the problem with the top being too short either; it landed at my hips. I can see picking out this blouse in a hurry but still looking pulled together with just jeans and cute flats. Will revisit during sale time.

I really like the yellow motif of this skirt but I only saw the grey so I tried this on anyway. I grabbed a size 6 but it was pretty tight at the waist so I'd size up. It's pretty poofy at the hips as well so this might not work for some body types. I remember it not being lined or having pockets so boo to that. The length hits at the top of my knees so it works for me but it might end up being too short for taller gals. Now that I look at it, it doesn't look bad with the top I had on at the time lol. Pass for now but I may revisit during sale time. 

argh Anthro, you are killing me!!! why did you have to make this cute cardigan out of terry cloth material? what's wrong with cotton or cashmere? WHY. *ehem* aside that little rant, I do think this cardigan is cute. It's the old Field Flower's style which I love and greatly miss from Anthro's collection. I grabbed a size small and it fits well. I really like this cardigan but i hate how it feels on my skin; it's not soft at all. Also, I'm kind of clumsy so I can definitely see myself snagging this cardigan left and right especially when it's open for invitation. see that close up picture full of little loops? snagsnagsnagsnag. I'll try to get over it but this one definitely won't be a full price purchase for me.

I grabbed this tee to try it on with the skirt below. I grabbed a size small and found out it's too small for me. It was tight in the arms and the length is too short for me. I kind of struggled to get the right drapey look in the front but gave up in then end. On the plus side, the material felt comfy and thin but not sheer. Definitely size up for this one. 

I grabbed a size 6 since that's the standard size for me with Maeve. This one definitely runs big as I have excess room in the waist so definitely size down with this one. The skirt is made from linen and i would say it's of medium weight in terms of thickness. The design is simple but cute; i imagine it can be paired with a lot of colors (i'm thinking blues and greens) since the base color is neutral. This skirt didn't really do anything for me though. 

This dress is not really my style but I tried it on out of curiosity. I wasn't sure how it was going to look on me since I never really go for trends and trendy clothes often look horrible on me. I grabbed a size 6 which fits fine but I suppose if you have a smaller frame, you could probably get away with sizing down. This dress was so short though! (I suppose it's expected from the name "mini dress") the length fell mid thigh on me. This dress is what I would call impractical; can't wear a bra unless you don't mind exposing it from the huge back slit. The back also gaped like crazy which made me wonder if the designer team didn't really inspect this design carefully and recognize the annoying flaw. meh. Aside from the pretty color, this one is definitely a pass for me. 

I saved the best for last! I really like this dress although I'm still a bit apprehensive about the color which is what is holding me back from really loving it. The color is a bit more intense than how it's depicted online. I was never a big fan of pink unless it's pastel pink. hmm. I'll have to think about this one. Well anyways, let's talk about the fit now. Moulinette Soeurs's sizing have been inconsistent and I hadn't read reviews for this dress before I tried it on so I grabbed a size 6. It definitely runs big and as you can see from the picture on the right, I can pull some extra fabric around the armpit area. The waist was pretty big on me as well although the structured shape prevented it to look really baggy. The length came down to my knees which is a good length...but I would order the petite size (4P) if I decide to buy it when it goes on sale. I love the details on the neckline and that is really what makes the dress imo. Wishlisted. 

Well, hat wraps up the reviews for this time. Currently, I'm not liking a lot of the items on the website right now (and that is a good thing for my wallet) so these pieces are the only ones I'm interested in from the collection right now.
Do you have a favorite item out of the bunch? Mine are the Mellon Ball dress and the Riparian Stream top.They are not must haves but I would definitely purchase those two items when they go on sale. I'm also dying to try this newbie on so hopefully the store I go to will have them in the next few weeks. I hope these reviews help you some of you who doesn't have an Anthro store nearby. Until next time! : )