Sunday, November 27, 2011

more (delayed) reviews!

Hi everyone!eep,  is it almost December now? I've been a bad blogger. Actually, not sure if I would call myself a blogger since I don't really ..umm blog?
Anyways, I've got a bunch of reviews for you all here. Some are old, some are new. 
First up is...

This one caught my eyes when it came out online. I love the classic structure of the coat and I love the pretty stitching on the bottom of the coat that makes it more special. The embroidery is also as vibrant as it looks online.I grabbed a size 10 which is my usual size for coats and it fits nicely. I have a thick sweater underneath which I would need since this coat isn't the thickest coat for the east coast winter. Underneath the buttons, it zips up and it's a double zipper! There's also a hook and eye at the waist to keep the shape. The buttons were big and it was a bit hard for me to button up the coat. I'm not sure if it's flattering on the hips portion for me, it might've bulged out a bit because of the thick sweater underneath? I definitely recommend this one if you are in need of a new winter coat. I'm wishlisting this one for further consideration when it goes on sale. 

Stitched & Spindles Coat

Glowing Horizons Trench $188 by Cartonnier

I love this trench coat but I don't think I need another one since I already have 2 trench coats. I can only justify this purchase if I sell my Two Paths Trench. I love the classic style and the double collar on this. I tried on the size 8 which is my usual size for trench coats and it fits fine (i have a thick sweater underneath this!) except for the arms that was a bit snug for me but nothing too constricting. I'll be waiting for this one to go on sale since it's getting a bit too cold now for trench coats.

Glowing Horizons Trench

I grabbed a size 6 and it fits TTS. I like this blouse and the lace reminds of me of the Tracy Reese lace shirtdress that I have (can't remember the name of it..I know, I'm very helpful right?) Anyways, the lace is soft but it is also unlined on the bottom..not sure why they neglected that so you will definitely need a cami/tank underneath. the peplum part doesn't flare out much which is good for my hips. the chest area fits fine without having too much room for my bust. This is the one top I'm very much looking forward to pick this up when it goes on sale. wishlisted in this teal color. 

 I grabbed my usual size S in Deletta which fits nicely. I think it's quite flattering and the fabric feels comfortable on my body. but it does have its cons and at 5'6, the length of the dress went over my knees which I'm not a fan. Also, the sleeves are connected? (is there a technical term for this? I'm sure there is one lol) to the body so when I raise my arms, the dress rises up. This one is a pass for me. Unless I can grab it for $20 or something which will allow me to have it altered to my liking. 
Back Porch Dress
Twist & Refresh Dress $168 by Ganni

I'm not sure how I feel with this dress. The fabric is the same as Noon and Night dress so it's as comfortable but I also think it makes me look wider (my sister also shares the same sentiment). I grabbed a size small which is what I took in the Noon and Night....and the zipper broke on me. I took this picture with the zipper half down my back. I'm not sure if the dress was too small for me or if the zipper was already broken when I grabbed it from the hanger. This one is a pass for me since I'm not really impressed with this.

Twist & Refresh Dress

Tiered Stripes Dress $188 by Bailey 44

I tried this one for a joke, I suppose. I already knew when I brought it with me to the dressing room that it wasn't going to work for me. I don't have anything in my closet from Bailey 44 but their clothes are always comfortable. This dress is definitely not my style though. I grabbed a size M with the intention to make it less clingy to the body and it fits fine. Both my bf and my guy friends agreed that it makes me look like a mummy. I'm sure this dress will work wonderfully for the right person...just not me. pass.

Tiered Stripes Dress

Thuja Dress $200 by Project Alabama

I grabbed a size Small for this dress. I thought the bodice was pretty so I took it back to the dressing room. Since the edges are unfinished, it frayed and was tangled up horribly by the time I got to the dressing room with it. I could not take it off fast enough after I took this picture, it looks very frumpy on me and just all around unflattering.
Thuja Dress

frayed, tangled bottom mess. eek.

Gathered Lace Dress $178 by Maeve

I took my usual size 6 in Maeve and this fits TTS as usual for Maeve. The length is quite modest as it falls on my knees. I do like the beautiful lavender color and the heavy, thicker lace so it's not as fragile. Not sure if it's 100% flattering on me though. the waist sat a little bit above my natural waist and it created a weird silhouette around my hips. Pass for me.

Gathered Lace Dress

Pilcro Flared Cords $30

I'm not a big fan of flares since it can make me look juvenile. I tried this on to see what it looks like since the price is quite reasonable. I tried on my usual size 6 and it is a comfortable fit for me. I still don't like how it looks on me and it was easy for me to pass on this.

Tuberose Lace Skirt $130 by Moulinette Soeurs

I grabbed my size 6 and it fits TTS. The lace is a sturdy, thicker fabric with a sheer, crinkled yellow chiffon-like lining. I didn't have the zipper problem like other people seemed to encounter with this skirt. I prefer the green version over the orange. I like this one and I plan to pick this one up when the price gets a second or preferably, a third cut in the future.

Tuberose Lace Skirt

Flickering Slip Dress $198 by Lil

I took my size 6 for this dress. I'm more interested in what the green version looks like but they didn't have those in the store. It fits TTS to a big snug if you have a wide ribcage like I do. The beading details are pretty and the silk fabric is nice. but wearing a strapless bra will be required as the top portion is sheer when it's not lined. I don't think the empire waist dress works for me though and it does reminds me of a nightgown.

Flickering Slip Dress

I will leave you all with an OOTD featuring one of my most favorite skirt and also one of the first purchases from Anthro I made years ago..

Anthro Diaphanous Tunic, Daisy Quarters Skirt, Miss Albright Scalloped Spatz boots