Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Friday Buys

Yes, I'm writing back to back posts. the other one was a draft in progress so it was easier and faster to make c:
Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! I had a great time with my family and my bf's family gathering together eating a big meal. Anyways, it's been an exciting weekend with Anthro's first time ever participation on black friday. I never participated in black friday myself but for Anthro, I was willing to get up early. I got up at 5 am with my sister and left the house by 5:30 am and expecting traffic since we pass by a big mall. Thankfully, there weren't too much traffic so we arrived at Anthro half an hour before the store open its doors at 7:00 am. I managed to grab all the items I set out to buy so luck was on my side that day. My sister also managed to grab some great finds such as Take Action Dress in mustard for $25(!) and Saffi Bow Belt.
Now, onto what I bought...

Ihrin Shirtdress size 8 $50
Precise Bow Belt $15 (they  missed this one and I found it among the other regular priced belt)

Checked Crop Pants $30. love this pair!

Leifsdottir's Darya Flats $50
I got the last size 40 in this and it fits perfectly. It's also comfortable with adequate support for my feet.

and with these, now I will be focusing on finishing up my christmas shopping! Did you find some great deals on black friday?